dBasic scripting language

Download dBasic.zip


dBasic is a fast, versatile and compact
programming language developed by
"thinkrelative" (www.think-relative.de)
for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP and Vista/7/8/10.

dBasic's features include:

- Fast byte code compiler and runtime

- Runtime also exist as dll-version
- Full Windows API Support
- Support for Long-, Word-, Byte-, String-, Float-Variables

- Variable declaration nearly on the fly
- Math operators * + - /^
- And + Or operators for conditional and loop statements
- BASIC-like language syntax
- Unlimited function nesting
- Dynamic arrays
- Self-defined constants
- Over 44000 known Windows API constants (expandable)
- Over 9800 known Windows API functions (expandable)
- Over 600 known Windows API structures (expandable)
- Procedures (with locally defined variables and arrays)

- Procedures are full recursive
- Easily User function creation
- Auto-include user-functions
- Auto-include Libraries (dll's)
- Auto-detect available dll functions

- Data sections (also for including bitmaps, or anything else)
- Full integration of dll's inside compilation (memory access)
- Window callback
- Native message handling for nearly all window controls
- Source file includes
- Many user functions built-in
- Source examples

..and the best: You have the freedom to include all the dBasic parts you want
in your own product.

dBasic produces a single executable file which can be as small as 28 Kb.
And you need only one Runtime (executable) to play all additional compiled scripts for every project.

The minimum necessary files for compiling (Compiler and Runtime engine)
are altogether about 90 Kb!